Family Tree Genealogy Binders

Family Tree | Antique Vintage Leather Book Look Binder
These family tree genealogy binders are great for storing family photos, stories, news clippings and more. They make a great gift for newlyweds, and, also for anniversaries as well as genealogy enthusiasts.
Family Tree Albums
Family Tree Albums

Custom Anniversary Pillow

Personalized Anniversary Moon Round Pillow
Personalized Anniversary Moon Round Pillow

This interesting artwork features a tree of life, a butterfly and a moon set against a starry night sky. The words around the moor are “I love you to the moon and back.” You can add names to customize the pillow or delete the names. Makes a great gift for an anniversary or wedding.

Tree of Life Yoga

Rainbow Energy Yin Yang Yoga iPhone 6 Case
A tree of life yoga artwork featuring a lady balancing on a yin yang with swirl of beautiful glowing colors. It is a peaceful artwork and looks great on a cell phone case.

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Yin Yang Tree Binder

Green Yin Yang Mandala with Tree of Life Binder
This interesting yin yang tree of life binder has a tree growing through the center holes of the yin yang. I got this idea a few years ago and have made trees like this since. I like to connect trees of life to symbols. Here, the yin yang blends in well because harmony and balance  between the tree of life roots and branches and leaves are like a yin yang in a way.

Shower Curtains

This tree of life makes a great shower curtain. You can see it here..

shower curtains

Shower Curtains

Necklace Design (New)

I am currently having fun designing necklaces. Here are some necklaces below.

Harmony, Balance, Oneness Peace Symbol Sterling Silver Necklace

Blessings, Faith, Harmony Tree of Life in Green Pendants
Tree of Life Yin Yang Personalized Necklace

Business Cards (New)

In June I started designing business cards. They come in a variety of different sizes. I just added them under the menu heading titled “Creativity / Productivity”, if you’d like to see some more.

Green Glow Yin Yang Tree of Life Business Card Template

Peace Symbol Pattern in Green Business Card Template

All You Need is Love Invitation (new)

I thought it would be cute to make an invitation on burlap looking paper with the theme “All you need is love.” It would look cute for use for a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, anniversary, valentines party, etc.. You can customize the fonts, colors, and even add a photo of the couple.
All You Need is Love on Burlap Personalized Announcement

Tree of Life Candy Tin (New)

This little tree of life in brown tin is filled with Jelly beans or mints your choice. You can carry it in your pocket or purse and fill it with candy, breath mints, or whatever else you like to snack on, or keep protected.

Brown Tree of Life Pattern Jelly Belly Tins

Business Cards - Unique Designs

Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
Wood Look Business Card
Wood Look Business Card
Pink Yoga Tree Business Card
Yoga Harmony Tree of Life Business Card
Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Business Card
See More

Fill Your Life with Sunshine

You are my Sunshine Plaque
You are my Sunshine Skins For iPad 3
You are my Sunshine Classic Round Sticker
See More


Tree of Life Coffee Mug
Tree of Life Boundless Enthusiasm Giant Coffee Mug
Yin Yang Travel Mug
Tree of Life Live Your Dream Coffee Mug
Tree of Life Patience Coffee Mug
Yoga Chrome Tree of Life Large Coffee Mug
Tree of Life Rainbow Hearts Coffee Mug
Tree of Life Rainbow Hearts Beer Stein
Add Text to Wood Background Coffee Mug
Tree of Life and Unity Coffee Mug
See More


Tree of Life Peace of Mind Pinback Button
Angel in Gold Colors Button
Tree of Life with Green and Blue Colors Button
See More

Butterfly Binder

Tree of Life in White with Butterflies 3 Ring Binders

World Peace Poster

World Peace Poster

Tree of Life Silver Necklace

Tree of Life Calming Jewelry


World Peace Ornament
Tree of Life with Rainbow Heart Ornament
Yoga Tree in Black and White Ornament
See More

Tree of Life Yin Yang Mug

Ying Yang Heart Tree of Life Coffee Mug

Rainbow Tree of Life Poster

Tree of Life Miracles Poster

Yin Yang in Earth Tones Binder

Tree of Life in Yin Yang in Tan Colors Binder

Flower Mandala Throw Pillow

Star Flower Mandala in Purple by Amelia Carrie Throw Pillow

Tree of Life Poster

Imagination Posters

Tree of Life Mousepad


Tree of Life Wellness Gel Mouse Mat
Tree of Life Wellness Gel Mouse Mat by thetreeoflife

Harmony and Balance Poster

Yin Yang, Tree of Life, Women, Yoga Poster

Sun Salutation Key Chain

Tree of Life Sun Salutation Keychain

iPhone Peace Case

Tree of Life Peace iPhone 5 Cases

Tree of Life Peace on Earth

Tree of Life Peace on Earth 2 Poster
This is a pretty tree of life in pink colors and a border of flowers. There is a peace symbol in the front of the tree and behind it is the planet earth. Peace on earth is something that is always on my mind because I’ve grown up like most of you hearing the news of the day. It would be wonderful someday just to turn on the news and hear happy and positive news only. There are so many people on the planet, and, if each person went out of their way to help at least two people a day, and, did more than their share to promote peace, maybe this could be a reality?  One can only hope.

Tree of Life Hope and Peace

Tree of Life Hope and Peace Print
Tree of Life Hope and Peace features a colorful boarder around a peaceful looking tree of life in blue and green colors. I’The tree itself is in a slight heart shape and balanced well to show harmony and balance. The blue color for the roots is the fluidity of water.

Welcome Friends

My name is Amelia Carrie and I would like to welcome you to the Tree of Life Shop. My little internet shop where I feature art that I make.  I have hundreds of designs on thousands of products and try to add a few new things each week doing drawings, paintings, collages with clipart, computer graphics, etc.. Thanks again for shopping here, my heart dances every time I make a sale because I use the money to help others. Amelia

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