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My name is Amelia Carrie and I created the artwork you see here from original drawings, paintings, sculptures, as well as clipart which I’ve turned into collages and I also do computer graphics. So, I guess you could call me a mixed media artist 🙂

I like creating the tree of life because it’s a universal symbol and signifies many good things like, life, peace, unity, connection, faith, hope, oneness, family, nature, nurture, God’s love (and evolution if your not religious), creativity,  strength, honesty, health, happiness and much more.

The profits which I make from this store I use towards helping others and charities. I enjoy helping people and their always seems to be a need somewhere. So, the more trees I make and sell, the more good things I can do. It’s just my little way of doing good. Filling the world with positive and inspirational art, and, using the profits for things like homeless shelters, cancer research, afterschool programs for kids, etc., etc.. I just love making sales, they make my heart dance and I check the sales daily. While I do not know the people  whom purchase my art, my distributors list their first names and a state so I say a prayer for each person whom purchases one 🙂 I average about 4 sales per day.  Thank You so VERY much, I am honored that you’d like something enough to purchase it.

Creating trees is a very peaceful and relaxing thing for me to do…usually I start around 9:00 at night and work until 5:00 am and then get a few hours of sleep before I begin my day. I know my hours sound strange, but,I  like doing art while everything is quiet around me. In fact, it’s kind of my prayer time. It’s a time to reflect on God, think about how much I love him, thank him for all my blessings, etc..

To keep prices affordable for my customers and wholesalers, and provide the greatest selections, I never charge more than 10% over what my distributors charge me. Further, I work with 2 different distributors who offer;


I chose Zazzle and Cafe Press because they are easy to work with and I have ordered products from each and they have really good merchandise. The posters at Zazzle are the best I’ve ever seen. Even the most basic are on a very thick paper stock. If you order mugs for gifts, I’d opt for the larger size, I ordered some for Christmas presents and they were kind of small. The postcards are very sturdy and the Tshirts have good colors.

Have a wonderful day,

Amelia Carrie

Welcome Friends

My name is Amelia Carrie and I would like to welcome you to the Tree of Life Shop. My little internet shop where I feature art that I make.  I have hundreds of designs on thousands of products and try to add a few new things each week doing drawings, paintings, collages with clipart, computer graphics, etc.. Thanks again for shopping here, my heart dances every time I make a sale because I use the money to help others. Amelia

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