Note: All these posters are fully customizable. Just click on the “Customize It” option. One thing that I like to do is to shrink them down and add a black background and put on a inspirational quote, poem or message.   A great one of a kind gift idea is to make up something from the heart to memorialize a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, birth, or, help someone overcome a tragedy or gain strength for an illness, and add your name at the bottom and perhaps the name of the person your giving it to as well.  The art I do is mixed media collages mostly, a few drawings and some paintings, but, mostly digital stuff.  I try to make a new poster every week, so come back often and see what’s new!  Amelia.  

Green Yin Yang with Tree of Life Poster
Earth Tree of Life Poster
Tree of Life and Butterfly Poster
Natural wood background texture. poster
Yin Yang with Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie in tan Poster
Tree of Life Green Poster
Life is a Miracle Poster
Yin Yang, Tree of Life, Women, Yoga Poster
Calming Tree of Life in Rainbow Colors Poster
Tree of Life Relaxation Poster
Purple Star Mandala Poster
Health and Vitality Tree of Life Poster
World Religions Tree of Life Poster
Tree of Life Peace Poster
Faith, Hope and Love Poster
World Peace Poster
Tree of Life Healing Poster
Yin Yang with Buddha Quote Poster
Purple Yin Yang with Tree of Life Poster
Pink Pastel Yoga Tree Poster
Tree of Life Simple Pleasures of Life Poster
Tree of Life Miracles Poster
Tree of Life Motion Poster
Tree of Life Connection Poster
Tree of Life Midnight Sky Poster
Earth Yin Yang Poster
Driftwood Background Texture Poster
Tree of Life Relaxation Poster
Guardian Angel Poster
Tree of Life Sincerity Poster
World Peace Poster
Tree of Life Wellness Poster
Tree of life black and white serenity poster
Tree of Life World Peace Poster
Peaceful Living Poster
Make Love Not War Poster
Peaceful Living Tree of Life Poster
Ying Yang Heart Tree of Life Poster
Brown Tree of Life Pattern Poster
Imagination Poster
Tree of Life Coral Reef Black and White Poster
Desiderata Poster
Black and white yoga tree with woman and yin yang. poster
Harmony & Hope Tree of Life Poster
The Blue Planet Poster
Tree of Life Peace on Earth 2 Poster
Yin Yang Poster
Tree of Life Invent Poster
Tree of Life Meditation Poster
Tree of Life Glow Poster
Tree of Life Health Poster
Tree of Life Sunrise Poster
Tree of Life Creative by Amelia Carrie Poster
Peaceful Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Poster
Heart, yin yang, tree of life by Amelia Carrie Poster
Hearts and Angel Wings Poster
Tree of Life Mandala by Amelia Carrie Poster
Tree of Health in Black and White by Amelia Carrie Poster
Renew & Refresh Tree of Life Poster
Namaste Poster
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Welcome Friends

My name is Amelia Carrie and I would like to welcome you to the Tree of Life Shop. My little internet shop where I feature art that I make.  I have hundreds of designs on thousands of products and try to add a few new things each week doing drawings, paintings, collages with clipart, computer graphics, etc.. Thanks again for shopping here, my heart dances every time I make a sale because I use the money to help others. Amelia

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