Make each letter a special delivery! Put a personal touch on your mail, bills, greeting cards, invitations, RSVP envelopes envelopes and more. All of our stamps are customizable. You can add your name or a special message to them like “save the date”, or, “you are invited”. Stamps were designed by Amelia Carrie utilizing drawings, paintings, collages, computer graphics and more. ( Stamps make wonderful gifts because everyone needs some at one time or another 🙂

Tree of Life Mandala by Amelia Carrie Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Boundless Enthusiasm by Amelia Carrie Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Brown Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Tree of Life Waters Edge Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Nova Blue Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Gold Tree with Butterly Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Tree of Life Hope Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Butterfly Print Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Golden Vision Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Yin Yang Mandala Symbol Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Tree of Life Boundless Enthusiasm Postage (<em>$25.25</em>)
ying yang with religious symbols postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Moon with Tree of Life and Stars Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Yin Yang Pattern with Tree of Life Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Serenity with Peace Symbol Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Tree of Life Boundless Enthusiasm Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Yin Yang Symbol Mandala Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life and Unity 3D (Without Glasses). Postage (<em>$25.25</em>)
Interesting looking tree of life postage (<em>$25.25</em>)
Purple Star Mandala Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life New Beginnings by Amelia Carrie Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Guardian Angel Collage by Amelia Carrie Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Pastel Pink Rainbow Yoga Tree Postage (<em>$23.20</em>)
Black and white yoga tree with woman and yin yang. postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Constant Change Postage (<em>$25.25</em>)
Tree of Life Wellness Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
Tree of Life Calmness Within Postage (<em>$24.20</em>)
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Welcome Friends

My name is Amelia Carrie and I would like to welcome you to the Tree of Life Shop. My little internet shop where I feature art that I make.  I have hundreds of designs on thousands of products and try to add a few new things each week doing drawings, paintings, collages with clipart, computer graphics, etc.. Thanks again for shopping here, my heart dances every time I make a sale because I use the money to help others. Amelia

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